New Year – The Year!!

Well it is 2016 and this is the year! Steve plans to leave work on 29th April and then, as they say, the world is our oyster.  We still have preparations to make but things are moving in the right direction.  Our list of jobs is getting smaller and we are already thinking about where we would like to head to first. I am going to try to do my very best to be more organised when it comes to this blog and updating the website. I have quite a few ideas and hopefully, some time soon, these things will start to filter through.

We spent a good Christmas on board, Steve’s parents came for a few days but because of the windy weather cut short their visit.  Alex came down for a few days as well but unfortunately we had to put Sean off (as he really doesn’t do well with the motion).  The marina here in Hull seems more sheltered than Glasson – yes it was windy at times but no waves built up.  The wind was predominantly south westerly which meant we were pushed away from the pontoon and getting Steve’s parents off took “all hands”.  Alex would pull the boat towards the pontoon and Steve would man-handle his mum off with me standing on board making sure she was aware of what was going on.

Next week we are off to London – to visit Sean and go to the Boat Show.  I think Steve also wants to head to Smithfield Market but I’m not sure I fancy the early start!


Author: shearmyste

Steve and Theresa (Tee), living the dream aboard Shearmyste, our 55ft aluminium ketch.

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