Houseless and debt-free

At the start of today we owned a five bedroom detached house in Hartlepool and two yachts. Now the house sale has completed and one of the yachts is sold!!  I have never seen our bank balance look so healthy, it took a second look as surely the decimal point was in the wrong place?

So now we move on with our lives.  Steve is still attending work  (what he does I really don’t know!) and is trying to make up his mind as to whether he can continue working until the end of April, or whether he says “bollocks” to that and leaves at the end of March.

We are now asset poor but it feels great! First bottle of celebratory champers finished at 16.40!!! Bet I have a headache in the morning!!


Author: shearmyste

Steve and Theresa (Tee), living the dream aboard Shearmyste, our 55ft aluminium ketch.

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