We haven’t killed each other yet!

End of week two: engine dismantled, majority of parts cleaned, spares ordered and due for delivery Monday and exhaust following in two and a half weeks!

We have also got new cushions for the main dining area in the saloon – as the originals could not take the stress of someone (I shall remain nameless!)  constantly sitting on them!  We contacted Hawthorne Upholstery in Hull and they have done a sterling job for us.

Steve still hasn’t got out of the habit of an early finish on Friday with a glass of wine (and today I am even joining him!)

I must admit it has all gone swimmingly so far! He cooks breakfast each morning and the last 16 eggs have all been double yolkers – what a run of chance is that – he will be so disappointed to crack open a normal egg when we eventually get one! It has been really good to get back into eating breakfast each day and not snacking on crisps all morning!

I think it might be starting to sink in that he is no longer employed as we spent all morning today doing a little bit of grocery shopping – if he was working we wouldn’t have been able (or inclined) to “waste” all morning on something so mundane.


Author: shearmyste

Steve and Theresa (Tee), living the dream aboard Shearmyste, our 55ft aluminium ketch.

2 thoughts on “We haven’t killed each other yet!”

  1. Good to see you yesterday. Sorry we didn’t stay till you were back Steve, but we both hope that your adventure turns out to be the best that it can be. Just live your dreams and enjoy it all without too much sickness. Will keep in touch more now loadsaluv

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