May’s Update – We Are Still in Hull!!!

We’ve been busy doing nothing for a quite a while now!  We are still waiting for the exhaust but have rebuilt the engine otherwise.  Steve has had to re-position the anti-siphon as well as the hole for the previous one had been filled in.  We have had a few visits from family and a couple of days out!

My mum and her partner, Mac came for a weekend (6, 7 & 8 May) and brought Kevin (The Best Smelling Man In The Entire World) with them.  The weather was fairly warm and dry but with a bit of a chilly breeze.  I think they enjoyed themselves and Kevin and I spent some time laughing as my mum struggled to get on or off the boat!!! (It’s ok mum, I won’t post any pictures on here!).

Seriously, this man smells soooo good.
Seriously, this man smells soooo good.

We went out for a walk around Hull on the Sunday afternoon and visited the beautiful Holy Trinity Church – which apparently is the largest parish church in England.  The vicar seemed really great too, but we left well before the afternoon service started.

As Steve was getting frustrated waiting around for parts we decided to go out for the day so hopped on a bus to York and visited the National Railway Museum – my choice of course.  We had hoped to see The Flying Scotsman but he had already “flown” but we did see Mallard with a strange name plate.  There were some brilliant signs displayed as well and my favourite is below!

It was a really hot day so we managed to have an ice-cream – well actually two as Steve bought a pack of four Magnums just before we got on the bus to come back.  The bus took about 2 hours and 15 minutes and travelled through some lovely countryside – Beverley looked beautiful and Bishop Burton – what an absolute picture postcard village.

My brother David, his wife Zoe and children, William and Phoebe came for the weekend, 14 & 15 May.  Again, fortunately the weather was good and the kids had a great time.  Initially they were a little nervous walking on the pontoons but it wasn’t long before they were wandering around picking their favourite boats in the marina and then, when questioned as to which was their favourite – answering correctly that it was ours!!  Then it was time for the Titanic poses on the front of the boat and Dave and Zoe got involved too!

Titanic Moment!
David and family – going for Titanic pose!

When they had last visited us at Glasson we had made pizzas which Will reckoned were “better than Domino’s” so when I asked what they would like to eat, the immediate response was “Steve’s Pizza’s”.  All well and good but since their last visit, it has been discovered that both David and William are gluten intolerant which posed me with a bit of a headache, as surprisingly given their title I am the one who makes the pizza dough.  After scouring website after website I was a bit panicky and went off to Holland and Barrett and bought some gluten-free plain flour as the guy in the shop recommended.  It appeared from my limited searches that I could just substitute the flour!

Anyway I thought I’d give it a go! And even though you cannot knead gluten free dough I made what looked like half-decent pizzas – a small one for Will and a larger one for David.  They both ate the lot so it must have tasted ok! The only problem with David’s was that it stuck to the foil I cooked it on – so note to self – use greaseproof paper next time!

The kids slept well that night, Phoebe in the top bunk and Will at the bottom.  I think Phoebe decided to join her mum at about 6 am but went straight back to sleep and surfaced around 8.30.  As it was another sunny day the kids ate their breakfast (sausage and bacon sarnies) on the saloon roof and then asked if they could have a go in the little boat, so Steve got the dinghy and outboard sorted and took them for a ride around the marina.  David and Zoe had a go too!

Steve’s parents were due to come on Tuesday 17th but had electrical issues with their motorhome so had to postpone.

Our next day trip was pretty much unplanned.  We’d decided to go for a bike ride and set off.  I was wearing my sunglasses as we hadn’t planned to actually “go” somewhere.  We saw a sign for Fort Paull (I had previously discovered this while looking for things to do in and around Hull) so thought we might as well visit.  Again it was a really hot, sunny day but a lot of Fort Paull’s exhibits are underground so it was lovely and cool.  My problem was that as I only had my sunglasses it was incredibly difficult to see/read things in the dark areas!  Fort Paull was an amazing place and definitely well worth a visit.  They have a huge Blackburn Beverley plane that you could go in – it was extremely hot inside!  Unfortunately the place is looking a bit shabby in places but hopefully they keep getting visitors and can afford to spend some money on a bit of spruce-up.

Our most recent day out was last Wednesday, for the first time it was a wet, grey day but that wouldn’t bother us as we had decided to go to The Deep – “the world’s only submarium”.  Once again we had a great time, it was very educational! It was fun being able to see the penguins both above and below the water and then the section called Endless Oceans was absolutely amazing.  There was a wide variety of fish including huge groupers and my absolute favourite – the Green Sawfish – he was awesome!!  There is a tunnel under the tank that you can walk through and then a glass lift to take you back to the entrance which stops partway so you can watch the fish some more!  We went up and down twice as there wasn’t anybody else wanting to use the lift but after the second descent there was the start of a queue so we got out and took the stairs up and, for me, this was better than the lift as you could stop at the different levels and it then meant that I had a really good, close-up look at “my” sawfish!  There was so much to see but I think Steve’s favourites were the tiny orange frogs – Golden Mantella.  They didn’t look real!

And that pretty much catches you up with our activities for the last month – we are still talking to each other and happy to spend our time together – ALL GOOD!!

It hasn’t been all play and no work though.  Steve has been doing a lot of those fiddly little jobs that don’t really need to be done now – but he may as well!

The autopilot had always shown an incorrect compass heading so we thought now was an ideal opportunity to check it out – probably our easiest fix yet – the compass had been fitted the wrong way!

We have been getting intermittent water leaks through the saloon ceiling – not always when it’s been raining either and Steve decided the only possibility had to be the traveller on the roof had not been sealed adequately when we replaced the ceiling.  So he decided he would drill a couple of holes and fill with expanding foam and hopefully that would get rid of the issue.  I’d decided to stay inside and wait to see if the foam tried to make its way in but Steve needed some rags so I got him some and he was quite excited as the foam had forced some water out of a couple of small holes on the coach roof.  Steve needed more rags before he went to fill the other holes so I headed back in – to be greeted by quite a ‘torrent’ of water pouring onto the table!  It didn’t take long to mop up and at least it confirmed Steve’s thoughts as to where the water was coming from!  Let’s hope this fixes the problem!


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Steve and Theresa (Tee), living the dream aboard Shearmyste, our 55ft aluminium ketch.

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