On This Day In History

Thirty Years Ago

Having met the first Bank Holiday in May and marrying just five months later, there were some who said “it won’t last”.  Guess what, here we are, thirty years on, still happy with only the one argument under our belts!

How are we spending this special day?  Waiting for a delivery of fuel filters and water bladder – looking forward to a chip butty for tea!!

Steve asked me if I wanted a pearl necklace as my anniversary gift, but I think pearl necklaces are a bit too fragile for our lifestyle and I’ve read that you have to get them restrung every couple of years; he did say he could renew it at least once a week!


Author: shearmyste

Steve and Theresa (Tee), living the dream aboard Shearmyste, our 55ft aluminium ketch.

2 thoughts on “On This Day In History”

  1. Hi
    Have just found your blog by chance and read it in its entirety. We had our bout at Hartlepool 7 years ago and walked past your boat every time we were there. It always looked majestic, just waiting for someone to come along apply TLC and take her on an adventure. Like you we left employment early, 53 and 48 and have spent the last 3 summers sailing. This year we have visited most of the places you have travelled to and have just returned home for winter leaving the boat in Ipswich. we have a blog which may be of some interest as it has details of some of the places you might visit next year. Your descriptions of seasickness, swelly seas, wind on the nose and much use of the engine to maintain destination timescales resonate with our experiences. enjoy the winter and carry on with the excellent blog.
    Best Regards

    Mick and Ann-Marie

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