Let’s go to the Beach!

Let’s go to the beach

We’ve got a bucket each

Ted has even found a spade

And a sail boat that he made


Lovely golden silky sand

Children running, hand in hand

Building castles on the shore

Bored already, let’s explore!


Buckets and spade left behind

For a lucky child to find

DeDe grabs Ted’s little boat

“Come on lads, let’s see this float”


“There’s room in here for all of us

As long as we don’t make a fuss

Grab a hold and climb on in

Let’s take this sail boat for a spin!”


“Useless unless worn” say the RNLI

So lifejackets on, no need to ask why

With a light and a whistle attached by a cord

They help rescuers find you if you fall overboard


They set the sails and learn to tack

Snowy and Ted never want to go back

Enjoying themselves, having so much fun

Oh dear, DeDe, what’s wrong, little one?


Splashing water, wave after wave

DeDe’s no longer feeling brave

“Please can we head back to shore?

My tummy’s feeling really sore.”


“Don’t worry DeDe you’ll feel just grand

As soon as you’ve got both feet on dry land

We’ll turn around now and head back in

You don’t have to come next time,” Ted said with a grin


“I’m sorry I’ve spoilt such a wonderful day

I had no idea I’d react that way

Some seasick pills, next time I’ll bring

I’m completely hooked on this sailing thing.”


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