Glasson to Hull by Road

After contacting several boat delivery companies, we settled on Andrew Rosthorn of Sealand Boat Deliveries and plans were put in place for Monday 23rd March. Two lorries – one for the yacht and one for the masts – arrived.  We were hopeful the day would go without incident but Andrew had advised us that he couldn’t completely guarantee he could get us across the canal bridge as he hadn’t seen the underwater profile.  As it was the lorry was set up to what was expected and a “dry run” was undertaken.  As this was successful loading commenced.

Glasson Boat Hoist  Steve does sometimes work


The height limit was an issue so the winches on the coach roof had to be removed – it was amazing to think we were that close to the limit.

Once the lorries were fully loaded and secured we went ahead so that we would be in position to see the convoy cross the canal bridge.

Here she comes:

Approaching  Ooh, that didn't sound good

At a standstill

Unfortunately she touched the bottom on the bridge.  However as this was pretty much expected within half an hour she was free and on her way.  Andrew wrote a report up himself which can be seen here (he has some great photos!).

It was quite a high tide and the water had come across the road in several places.

Flooded road at Glasson

We followed the convoy some of the way into Lancaster but thought we would like to see her go under the railway bridge at Galgate.  However as we took a slight detour and didn’t really anticipate the speed at which the lorries managed to negotiate their way out of Lancaster we missed it! It then took us a while to catch up and pass them on the M6.

Shearmyste on the motorway

We stopped for coffee at Birch services and thought it would be an ideal spot to take a photo from the bridge over the motorway. So I got into position only to see the second lorry carrying the masts pull in to the services as well!  We then went looking to see where they were and this was what we found:

Fuel cheaper than marinas?

This gave me the perfect photo opportunity for a little wind-up email to Glasson – “The lengths owners go to to avoid Glasson fuel prices!!”

We then proceeded to Hull to await her arrival there.

Yacht in Hull  Masts in Hull

She had arrived safely and with thanks to John, the lock keeper, we were able to lock her up in the boat yard and await unloading the next morning.  We went off and found somewhere to eat and a drink (or two) to celebrate the success!

Drinks for two

Bright and early on the Tuesday morning she was back where she belongs – in the water!

Lift in at Hull